Our Distribution Network

Canute Logistics are one of the leading suppliers of road transport services throughout the UK. Our around the clock operations co-ordinates movements between Distribution Centres, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. As a result, we reduce the time to market without ever compromising the quality or integrity of our client’s product.

Distribution Centres

Canute distribution centres are located at Purfleet, Ipswich, Andover, Coventry, Gamston, Warrington, Kendal, Carlisle, Newport and Newcastle. We provide a variety of delivery services and solutions to clients in the retail and manufacturing sectors from palletised products through to bulk distribution operations.

The Canute distribution fleet operates on a 24/7 shift basis that has the ability to operate in a variety of situations and configurations. From a single pallet through to a part or full load consignment Canute has the infrastructure and the expertise.

Our Transport Management Systems (TMS) , Transend and Isotrak, equips our fleet of vehicles with the latest GPS tracking technology. This real time information provides Canute and our clients with detailed information such as current status of the vehicle, estimated time of arrival, the route taken and confirmation that the consignment has been delivered allows our management teams to be aware of the status of every vehicle and consignment used for delivery from our distribution centres.

This high level visibility enables our team to be proactive and make tactical and strategic decisions. Clients are assured that their products will be delivered on time and in full and they can track where their consignments are at any time during the delivery cycle enabling us to offer transport operations that are both dynamic and cost effective.

Shared Road Transport Solutions

By fostering client relationships, we have developed unique shared services across our delivery network, including our distribution centres. Our solutions can offer the use of a single vehicle to deliver the consignments of multiple clients into the High Street or we can combine customer deliveries to benefit from backhaul opportunities.

Collaborative solutions can offer a major saving in operating costs, whilst enabling and retaining a flexible and efficient transport operation.

Our vehicles

Our transport division operates around 1,300 vehicles and trailers from each of its 13 sites, providing national coverage for collection and deliveries.

Specialist vehicle types range from small vans through to specialist lift equipment vehicles, 13.6 meter curtainside tail lift vehicles and multi pallet double deck trailers.